A Gold Disney Themed Christmas Tree Costs $4.2 Million

We all want our Christmas Tree to be the most amazing ever, but will you pay $4.2 million for it? In Tokyo, a jewelry store is selling a gold Disney themed Christmas Tree for a whopping $4.2 million. Well, at least you could brag you own the world’s most expensive Christmas Tree.

Who is going to buy a Christmas Tree that costs $4.2 million?! Well, never say never. Rich people have a thing for outrageous acquisitions. If they hadn’t such a fetish for outrageous and useless things, businesses such as that in downtown Tokyo won’t be selling them. The $4.2 million Christmas Tree is made of 88 pounds of pure gold and features Disney characters.

Besides Disney itself or some spoiled rich princess, we can’t imagine someone actually wants this Christmas tree in their living room, or vault for that matter. It’s not even that pretty… For the label of the world’s most expensive Christmas tree we’d expect a lot more than just some silhouettes of Mickey Mouse, tinker Bell and Cinderella and gold leaf ribbons.

However, despite the debated utility and beauty of the gold Christmas tree, Tomoko Ishibashi with the marketing department of the jewelry store in Tokyo selling it, says this is a great deal. “Right now gold is over 4,400 yen per gram. We used pure gold and had an expert craftsman form each Disney character by hand” the store’s rep told the press.

Reuters writes that the world’s most expensive Christmas tree had people “mesmerized” because of the “combination of gold and Disney characters”. “It is very vivid and the gold is very pretty” said a 36-year-old Japanese jeweler. “The characters on it are also really cute and it really looks like a Christmas tree” he told Reuters.

If you’re looking for an outrageous Christmas tree and have $4.2 million just lying around, don’t expect to leave this in the living room. The gold Christmas tree is more of an ornament, rather an actual tree, which you would be better off displaying from a distance. The world’s most expensive tree is not even 8 feet high and has 3 feet in diameter. On the overall there are 50 Disney characters donning the gold Christmas tree.

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