A cool fitness tracker named Misfit Flash Link

The new Misfit Flash Link is more like a “smart button” that can do all kind of things. This device can also be used for smartphone selfies or for toggling music remote controls.

However, it should not be forgotten that Misfit Flash Link is originally a fitness tracker, and a good one. It comes at an affordable price and probably runners will ignore that it can be also be used as a “smart button” and a fitness tracker, while syncing it with the Misfit app.

Misfit Flash Link is available at the price of 20 dollars and is sold without a wrist band. This fitness tracker is probably the most interesting low-cost activity tracker that comes under 50 dollars. Misfit Flash Link features a clip that can be attached to the user’s pants, shoes, shirt or even keychain. However, users can also opt to get the Flash at 10 dollars, which comes with the clip and the band.

To be mentioned that the Misfit Flash Link is made entirely from plastic and it is water-resistant for swimming, has a ring of twelve LEDs located on the top that tell time by blinking and also has a battery that the company claims that lasts six months. 

Moreover, this fitness tracker is available in a larger variety of colors, it has a simple design and probably has a high risk of losing it, if it falls out of their clip or band. What is interesting about this device is that it pairs with a new Misfit app known as “Misfit Link,” which adds a bunch of programmable smart button features to it. Users will have the opportunity to choose from music controls, like track skipping, volume and play/pause, to selfie remote and even a presentation remote. 

Moreover, Misfit Flash Link can also be paired to the original app, called “Misfit,” which does a great job tracking user’s activity. To be added that Misfit Flash Link has smart button functions for different apps, including Harmony, Spotify, IFTTT and YO. This is an interesting activity tracker that certainly is worth a try. 

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