A classy-looking smart bulb called Misfit Bolt

Misfit is probably well-known for its fitness tracker bands, but it looks like the famous company has also released on the market a bulb. Yes, it is called Misfit Bolt and looks pretty well, having some interesting features. But, why does this company release a bulb if they are specialized and famous on the wearable market? 

Well, if we look a little bit closer, we will surely see that these two have a little connection. So, customers who will buy the new Misfit Bolt, will have the opportunity to pair it up with their phone over Bluetooth. This means that they can control or adjust the bulb’s lighting by using an app, or using its integration with the company’s activity trackers. 

Knowing these facts, it sounds more interesting and probably a little bit more attractive. Users will also have the possibility to sync Bolt with their sleep patterns and they will be waked up in the morning with a gradual sunrise simulation. A very interesting feature and a nice companion for those who are using Misfit’s Beddit sleep monitor and Misfit wearable. 

The new Misfit Bolt is available at the price of 43 dollars. This is not a very high price, if we compare it with other competitors, for example Lifx LED, available at 60 dollars. Moreover, using Misfit’s bulb, users will not have to use a hub plugged into their router in order to sync it with their phone. It will be much easier to use the bulb and there will be no extra cables or devices in the house.

However, the Misfit Bolt also has some downsides. This means that this bulb isn’t coming with full features, meaning that it cannot be sync with a system like IFTTT or Amazon Echo or with user’s music. As for the basic color-changing smart functionality, yes, it is good, but the competition is one step ahead. As for design, Misfit Bolt looks pretty attractive and has a distinctive design. To be added that it weighs under a half a pound and when holding it in hand, it will feel luxurious and expensive. So, is this new bulb worth the money? 

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