A 44 Magnum for Lindsay Lohan

Still problems for Lindsay Lohan, who has posted on his Twitter profile where a picture holding a gun, making up a fuss that frightened even her, the queen of irremediable mistakes this time seemed to have got big, bigger than those is used to do, but instead seems to be saved for a corner by declaring that the image is artistic, or one of many snapshots taken by renowned celebrity photographer Tyler Shields that are part of the photographic book called The Dark Side of Glamour.

The actress, who never really “crush” a movie screen from the distant 2007, when she starred in the thriller ever released in Italy I Know Who Killed Me, he underlined that the offending pictures and other shots (like her underwear in front of a wall covered in blood and a man holding a gun) are not soft porn, like someone had dared, but art with a capital.

Despite his defensive speech, controversy remains in the wake of the many blooming this spring, the month of April was a real condensate of trouble and trouble for Lindsay, who was first accused of having stolen a Rolex 35000 dollars, then was thrown from the set of The Other Side by director David Michaels, icing on the cake, his daddy hated Michael wrote on Twitter that his daughter is HIV positive.

Although Papa Lohan has denied soon after, claiming that those messages were the work of a hacker who breached his profile, LiLo for the month of April when it was instead a sweet sleep period nightmare with open eyes.

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