700,000 Toyota vehicles recalled in U.S. for mechanical problems

The Associated Press informs that 700,000 Toyota vehicles were recalled in U.S. for mechanical problems on Wednesday. The broken cars belong to various models that have been produced in 2005 and 2009.

Toyota owners, who have dealt with various mechanical problems since the first day they bought their car, may now benefit of free auto repair services. The Japanese auto manufacturer has admitted that some models that have been released in the previous years present flaws and they need to be recalled in order for the ruined parts to be replaced.

Based on the official statement of the company, among the recalled vehicles are 495,000 Tacoma trucks that have been produced between 2005 and 2009. Toyota spokespersons have explained that the steering wheel spiral cable assembly of the trucks needs to be replaced. This change is necessary because there have been many cases when friction occurred between the assembly’s spiral cable and the retainer. If the problem remains unsolved the connection with the driver’s airbag might be cut as a consequence of the friction.

Most car owners began wondering whether there was something wrong with their vehicles when they first noticed that the driver’s airbag warning light was always lit. They later on found out that the problem was caused by the steering wheel spiral cable assembly and they filed claim against Toyota. Given the large numbers of complaints that the company has received and the danger that the drivers were exposed to while driving, Toyota has decided to recall the vehicles and solve the problems.

There are other cars that have been recalled, as well, that is, 500 Camry sedans made in 2009 and 116,000 Venza crossovers from the years 2009 and 2011. These vehicles have to have their stop lamp switches replaced because some silicon grease may have reached inside the lamp, thus causing an increase in electrical resistance. Lights need to be repaired because they may prevent cars from starting or from shifting out of “park”.

According to Toyota, the parts will be replaced for free, but the owners will have to wait until the products will arrive at the company. So far, no accidents or injuries have been caused by these flawed parts.

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  1. MY 2010 toyota corolla has a popping noise in the brake pedel area. Toyota of muncie In said they can hear it but will not fix it .I purchased the car new and the popping started at about 300 miles,it now has obout 13000 miles.I have complained many times.Toyota warranty is a joke.

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