70-Year-Old Virgin, Pam Shaw, Is Ready To Meet Her Suitor

Pam Shaw has waited all her life to meet the right man, but now she realized it is time to make a step forward if she wants to start her own family. The 70-year-old virgin told British magazine, the Sun, that she is ready to meet her suitor.

Even though she has worked as a cabaret dancer all her life, Pam Shaw was never too intimate with men. As a matter of fact, she was determined to remain a virgin until her wedding day, but she never met the right man. Now that she has just turned 70, Shaw is ready to find her perfect suitor.

The 70-year-old virgin told the media that despite her age, she will not lower her standards, that is, she expects her future lover to take her to the altar before getting intimate. Moreover, she would like Mr. Right to be a “tall, dark and handsome millionaire”.

Shaw explained that she was too busy focusing on her career to start dating men. In addition, she would have to pay attention to her behavior so men would not think she was easy because of her job as a cabaret dancer. She was involved, however, in a relationship and almost got married with an oil rig worker in Blackpool in 1976. She later on, broke the engagement because she realized she was not in love with the respective man.

Pam recalls that she was courted by many men when she was young. They all thought she was easy because of the costumes she was wearing on stage, but the former dancer confessed she never went further than an innocent kiss. She was even courted by singers Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdinck, but none of them was willing to take her to the altar.

Pam Shaw doesn’t regret waiting so long to get married. She thinks a person is never too old to try something new. Her model is actress Joan Collins, who continues to enjoy life to its fullest despite the age.

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