7.4 Mexico Earthquake Takes Down 800 Homes

Tuesday, a 7.4 magnitude Mexico earthquake took down 800 homes, caused widespread damage and made life harder for over 20 million people. The 7.4 magnitude earthquake was followed by 10 aftershocks. Malia Obama, the 13 year old daughter of the U.S. president was vacationing in southwest Mexico when the earthquakes hit.

For many a 7.4 earthquake doesn’t say much. But since words can’t fully convey the actual damage, photos can. The 7.4 magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico was so intense it caused damage to subway lines which actually became curvy as the earth shook. A pedestrian bridge outside Mexico City was taken down and collapsed into a passenger bus. But, in the capital city the damage was minimal as Mayor Marcelo Ebrard informed the phone lines were affected and several areas were experiencing power outages.

Felipe Calderon, Mexico’s president, said that the 7.4 magnitude quake was “one of the strongest we’ve ever felt” and added that despite its intensity the damage was minimal. However as the quake rocked the whole country, many worried it will lead to major damage. People in Mexico’s parliament were evacuated and joined the several thousands of terrified people that fled from office buildings to the streets.

However, the area of Oaxaca and Guerrero weren’t as lucky as Mexico City. The two areas have suffered the most damage as authorities announced 800 homes were wrecked. Associated Press reports that Angel Aguirre, Governor of the Guerrero region, requested emergency crews to step in and provide aid.

Tourists enjoying their vacations were taken by surprise and freaked out when hotels started shaking. A tourist told ABC News: “We were on the 20th floor, everything started shaking, and the windows were shaking and I sat on the floor. It was scary. I never felt anything like that”.

Joseph Martinez from Colonia Lomas de Plateros told his story to IBTimes: “I was sitting at my desk on the 9th floor, when all of the sudden I got a sudden dizzy feeling as if the ground fell beneath me”.

Michele Obama and Mali Obama, the 13 year old of the U.S. president, were also in Mexico, enjoying a vacation with her friends. A spokesperson for Michele Obama announced yesterday afternoon: “In light of today’s earthquake, we can confirm that Malia Obama is safe and was never in danger”.

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