539,000 Ford Minivans & SUVs Recalled Worldwide Over Fire Concerns

Following a similar decision Ford had five years ago for its Escape model, the company has decided to operate a worldwide recall of 539,000 minivans and SUVs on account of fire concerns.

Ford spokesman Dan Pierce said on Wednesday the company plans to recall 286,000 Ford Escape SUVs made for the 2001 and 2002 model years, nearly 253,000 Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey minivans for 2004 and 2005 model years.

Although the recall will take place worldwide, most of the affected cars are in the United States. Plus, the company had a similar plan in mind, back in 2007, when according to a Ford filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety, some Ford Escape SUVs were recalled to fix a flaw in the antilock brake system.

The company explains that Ford Escape SUVs are being recalled, once again, because some cars may not have been completely inspected or received a proper fix. In fact some of those SUVs have been outfitted with a faulty brake master cylinder reservoir cap which features the risk of leaking brake fluid. If that happens it can easily cause an electrical short in the antilock brake system which in return will generate smoking or fire.

The Ford spokesman, Dan Pierce, told Reuters: “While the potential for fire is low, it is recommended that a customer park their vehicle outdoors away from structures until this recall repair is performed”.

This time, the recall is being operated to fix certain flaws in the mentioned cars that may lead to fires and the loss of power in some Mercury and Ford minivans. A filing with the U.S. safety regulators shows that these models are recalled to fix a defective torque converter. That part could lead to loss of “motive” power, as well as the ability to move forward and reverse.

The company stated that with both recalls it will inform the affected owners and have dealers to replace the defective parts for free. According to Associated Press, Ford will begin notifying Escape owners starting January 23 and it warns that the fix may not take place right away. You can call Ford at 866-436-7332 for more info.

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