50 Cent Was In Hospital After Car Crash

Curtis 50 Cent Jackson is not the sort of man that lives his life on the safe side. Recent proof is a Tuesday morning story that was published on his website. 50 Cent was in hospital after a car crash depicted from an action flick.

Early Tuesday morning, Thisis50, the rapper’s website, published news about a car crash that involved 50’s bullet-proof SUV, a Mack truck and a visit to the hospital. The accident happened on the Long Island Expressway in New York City, and 50 Cent’s car almost flipped over as the truck behind him lost control of the vehicle.

The rapper’s website published several picture of the damaged car and the injured star. In fact there are even some pictures of 50 being carried on a stretcher by medical staff. He was taken to the nearest hospital, which was in Queens but was soon released. His 51-year-old driver also had to be admitted in hospital for minor injuries.

A spokesperson for the rapper told MTV News: “Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson was involved in a car accident in New York early Tuesday morning. He was taken to New York Hospital Queens where he was treated for minor neck and back injuries”. In the morning, the hospital released him, and according to his spokesperson, he was “doing fine”.

The driver of the Mack truck explained he couldn’t stop in time to avoid collision with the car in front of him. According to him, the loaded in the truck shifted and he couldn’t control the vehicle and rear-ended the SUV.  Sources say nobody was arrested after the car crash.

It was only last month that the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ rapper visited a hospital. 50 Cent was hospitalized with stomach pains after he ate a bad hamburger. Fif was concerned by the thought of getting surgery to remove the blockage in his small intestine, but hours after being released from the hospital he announced it wasn’t the case anymore.

Eminem got a laugh over the bad hamburger episode and told 50 Cent: “Yo, Fif, you were shot nine times man if you die over a burger, this sh— ain’t gonna go right. People ain’t gonna be feelin’ this”.

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