50 Cent’s SMS Partners with Intel for Heart Monitor Headphones

Rapper 50 Cent has always proved to have some knowledge about business and how to make profits. It seems that the star knows quite well how to do all that. So, the star’s SMS Audio will collaborate with Inter to produce the latest heart monitor headphones. 

The release of the heart-monitoring headphones might be coming sooner than what we expect. SMS Audio has already revealed that they will work with Intel to produce this new technology. SMS Audio was founded by 50 Cent and is a headphones, tech company. The announcement on this release was made through an official press release.

The company is promoting this new product as a unique one-device workout accessory. The device promises to eliminate the need for cumbersome chest strap or wrist heart monitors, promising at the same time an amazing usability. The device also promises to perfectly combine function with style and technology. This will be a waterproof and sweat proof product. 

“With SMS Audio, we will bring smart headphones to market that eliminate the inconvenience of add-on devices with an integrated, one-device fitness accessory offering high-end style and premier sound quality for an exceptional fitness experience,” a statement from Michael Bell, the vice president and general manager of New Devices Group at Intel said. “This is a prime example of Intel driving innovation in wearable devices while being a forerunner in merging lifestyle and technology,” he added. 

It seems that 50 Cent has shown quite a great interest in this market and he plans on achieving an amazing success, comparable to the one of Dr. Dre’s Beats. This is a brand that is now valued at more than $1 billion. There is no wonder after all that the rapper wants to invest in something spectacular in technology. Earlier, the SMS partner of 50 Cent, Brian Nohe claimed that the company is willing to sign a partnership with a major tech company. 

For now, there has been revealed nothing about the cost of the new product. It is claimed that BioSport headphones will use a biometric device that is built into the earbud. Many companies have shown interest in the release of such products. 

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