5 movies topped $20M during Presidents Day Weekend

Reuters informs that five movies registered $20 million earnings during the Presidents Day Weekend that was celebrated on the third Monday of February. The recent statistics show that most Americans chose to spend their four-day holiday at cinemas watching the latest movie releases.

The most appreciated movie this weekend was “Safe House” which managed to gather $28.4 million during the weekend. The film debuted last week and it looks like is going to draw the public’s attention for many more weeks thanks to Denzel Washington’s outstanding performance and the successful combination between him and Ryan Reynolds.

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams’s “The Vow” was the most popular movie last weekend due to Valentine’s Day. Back then, the film drew $41.2 million and then, $11.6 million on February 14. Nobody was expecting the movie to continue its ascension, especially Sony who was amazed to hear that “The Vow” earned $26.6 million over the brief Presidents Day holiday. They told the press that they did not expect the motion picture to remain so popular after the Valentine’s Day.

“The Journey” is the third holdover which was highly requested among filmgoers. The figures provided by the Wrap show that the movie grossed $59.5 million domestically and $128 million internationally. There were many more people who chose to view this film this weekend as the production made only $26.4 million when it was first released. Jeff Goldstein, executive VP for domestic distribution at Warner Bros declared that the audience of the movie reached an impressive 91 percent from Friday to Saturday thanks to children who were able to come to cinemas on weekend.

“Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” was the much-awaited release of the weekend, but the film did not meet the expectations of box-office watchers. The studio, however, is satisfied with the figures that the movie made, that is, $57 million. The film targeted men and superhero fans as 61 percent of the audience included males and 48 percent younger than 25.

“This Means War” on the other hand , was meant to attract mostly female viewers as 65 percent of the audience was female, and 40 percent was younger than 25. Fox’s production earned $20.4 million over the weekend shattering all pessimistic predictions.

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