4 New Features Of Apple TV 3

Since the Apple TV 3 jailbreak is so long in coming, we thought we introduce you to some of the newest and greatest features that have been added to your digital media receiver. These four new features have been added thanks to Apple’s recently released update. In case your device hasn’t been automatically upgraded, you can manually add the update by following the pattern Settings > General > Update Software.

Once your software has been updated, it will become much easier to control and command your device. Rearranging icons was not possible until now, so the new update gives users the possibility to move the Apple TV icons around their home screen according to their wishes.

The previously mentioned feature is not the most important one, however. Apple seems to have paid attention to people’s preferences, so users can finally share IDs. In fact, it is now possible to juggle with multiple IDs while watching movies on the same Apple TV device. This feature was created particularly for families because it gives users the possibility to access the purchase history of an ID or charge an order on a different account with just a few clicks. 

Moreover, the introduction of showtimes enables those who have bought Apple TV 3 to watch the schedule of the movies that are being displayed in local theaters directly on their digital media receivers. Thanks to this feature, buyers can also view trailers before purchasing movies online.

Sharing photos is not new to Apple TV customers. As a matter of fact, the option has become common on many similar devices. However, the new software update makes it possible for users to share photo streams, that is, to access the same shared albums they can view on an iOS or an OS X device with the help of Apple TV 3.

Yet, these are just as few of the features you can benefit of after you purchase Apple TV 3. The upcoming iOS jailbreak will pave the way for many more useful options.

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