$33 Palm Top Theater Brings 3D to Your iPhone

It has become obvious iPhone isn’t just a communication tool. Accessory makers have given the iPhone experience a whole new dimension by adding all kinds of new features and purposes to the list. Take for instance the $33 Palm Top Theater, which brings the 3D experience to your very own iPhone.

The 3D craze has long hit both the big screens and home theater systems so it was high time to make this technology available for your hand held device, after all you spend a good amount of time watching content on your smartphone. Pied Piper is the company that decided to create an accessory for iPhone 4 and 5 that turns the device in a 3D projection screen without actually needing glasses.

Palm Top Theater was released late last year for iPhone, so it wasn’t until just recently that reviews for this 3D iPhone 5 accessory began surfacing. For only $33, Palm Top Theater works magic with a series of mirrors that create the illusion of 3D. “The peripheral utilizes three small drop-down displays – the rear is a full mirror with two half mirros in front it, reflecting images from the phone displays into what appears to be a three-dimensional object” explains

The picture is still small, and the 3D Palm Top Theater for iPhone 5 has some catching up to do when it comes to looks, not to mention there isn’t much 3D content compatible with the gadget, but it’s a neat gift for an iPhone and movie enthusiast. However, this technology is bound to get bigger and better within the upcoming years as consumers become more and more interested in getting more out of their smartphone.

For the moment, Bjork’s music video “Moon” from her latest album “Biophilia” has been modified to run on the 3D Palm Top Theater for iPhone. There’s also an app available, that lets you create a growing forest. You can check more of the content compatible with the 3D gadget and iPhone in iTunes, here: The Palm Top Theater app for iPhone is free and content ranges from free to 1.79 euro per download.

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