31 Van Halen Tour Dates Have Been Postponed

As expected as this year’s Van Halen tour was, it’s likely fans aren’t going to take the news too lightly. 31 Van Halen tour dates have been postponed and nobody knows why.

The tickets sold extremely well, given that the band still has a lot of fans left. Going to their last possible gig is something many Van Halen fans don’t want to miss. So, it’s not that surprising that the band’s summer tour got fans so excited. But, as some statements released to local media in 31 tour locations read, the summer tour is postponed.

It seems that only Van Halen fans that weren’t patient to wait for the tour to come to their city are going to see their dream come true. Following the band’s June 26th concert in New Orleans, all the other 31 tour dates were postponed without explanation. The tour’s promoter, Live Nation, hasn’t released a comment yet and neither has the band’s rep.

Rolling Stone writes that a source has revealed to them the band is having troubles. Apparently the band members simply “hate each other” and they’re “arguing like mad”. “They are fighting” adds the source. Rolling Stones also talked with someone related to the concert business: “You want to know the absolute fuckin’ truth? I have no fuckin’ idea”.

Someone with the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, said that the tickets were “selling pretty good”, but had no idea “why they would say it’s being canceled”. The concert in Connecticut was scheduled for July 7th.

Although, so far, the news about the postponed Van Halen tour dates is valid enough, it’s likely the boys will still be able to meet their schedule. It’s not the first time these boys have had trouble getting along. Their whole history as a band is filled with fights, disdain and chaos resulting from staff modifications.

But fans are willing to put that in the past. The Van Halen tour is not necessarily an opportunity to see the band together, given it’s almost impossible to put together a full blown reunion. The fans want to see Eddie Van Halen performing, that’s all this is all about. Lead guitar for the Architects, Keenan Nichols, explains: “Eddie Van Halen is like the Michael Jordan of guitar world. He changed the game forever. It’s something you’ve got to see”.

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