300,000 People Visit Sept. 11 Museum during First Month

The Sept. 11 Museum has been visited by more than 300,000 people since the moment when it first opened, thing which occurred more than one month ago. 

The number is great for officials at the ground zero museum. Actually, they were quite nervous about the success of the new museum, having under consideration the fact that the admission price is not really small. A ticket to visit this museum costs no less than $24. Consequently, the attendance number was not expected to be so great, but the attendance total has topped the projections. 

The underground museum is an amazing place to visit. The museum is actually considered to be more like a historical memorial museum, which is located on the place where a tragic moment in the history of the United States had occurred. The impressive museum includes the profiles of more than 3,000 victims, the stories of those who survived this tragic event, as well as of those who were inside or near the buildings. 

Organizers are optimistic about the success of the Sept. 11 Museum, saying that they hope to have 2.5 million visitors a year. As over 300,000 people have visited this place in just one month, it is not hard to believe that these predictions will be overpassed. “We feel great about the numbers, President Joe Daniels claimed. 

During the first week of its opening, the ground zero museum has also managed to draw some criticism. Apparently, there is a gift shop available here, as well, from where visitors can buy souvenirs. One of the products available for sale has managed to draw some criticism, as it featured a US-map-shaped platter with heart symbols marking where the hijacked planes struck. The product was later redraw from sale.

While some claim that the whole idea of opening this museum is too much, others say that this was absolutely necessary. Although the museum stands as a reminder of a sad moment in the history of the United States, it commemorates and honors all the innocent people who lost their lives. Families of the victims and survivors were the first to visit the 11 Sept. Museum. 

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