2012’s Best Apps for Android Smartphones

According to a report released this summer, Google Play has 500,000 apps for Android. As more and more people are buying Android devices, that’s going to get pretty close to the App Store’s 500,000 for iPhone and over 700,000 for iPad.

Developers are now releasing apps for Android smartphones that are just as creative and professional as those for iPhone and iPad. So, be it apps for music, gaming, social networking, photos, information, services, news or whatever you might be looking for, here are 2012’s best apps for Android smartphones.

Pc Mag features aDownloader as one of the best utility apps for Android smartphones. Sure you can use BitTorrent, but aDownloader is an app that is great for people who aren’t much of a computer geek. Plus, from what the Pc Mag review says “it’s easy to use and relatively crash-free”. The app is free, you can pause and resume your downloads and from what the Pc Mag report reads there aren’t “any file-size limits”.

Anybody who owns a laptop/desktop has most likely tried customizing their browser at least once. Now you can do the same for your Android smartphone with a browser called Maxthon Internet, also on Pc Mag’s recommendation list. “If I could personify Maxthon, he’d be a crazy genius”.

The great thing about any smartphone is giving us a direct link to all kind of information wherever we are. So, when you’re traveling to a new city or find yourself in a new neighborhood, use Google’s Zagat app for Android. Completely revamped by Google, Zagat is an app that delivers restaurant reviews for more than 30,000 across the world. It does require a Google+ membership, but since you’ve got an Android smartphone you might already have that.

Creatorverse is an app developed by Linden Lab, those some guys who developed Second Life. This is the kind of app that will help you learn about physics in an interactive and engaging way. “Watch your creations bounce, roll, tilt or even accelerate on the screen” as you get to become an inventor. Use it by yourself or play it with your kids.

We love apps that are both fun and useful. easyMute is a free app for Android smartphones that allows you to reduce the volume or mute it completely only by putting your hand over the phone. It works with the screen turned off and without unlocking your phone using a proximity sensor.

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