18-Year-Old Invents Battery That Recharges Cellphone in 30 Seconds

Based on a recent report published by CNN, an 18-year-old Californian student invented the first battery that recharges the cellphone in only 30 seconds. Eesha Khare impressed everyone at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and she received the Young Scientist Award for her invention.

Whether her battery will be adopted by mobile communications companies or not, is still debatable, but the fact that Eesha Khare deserved an award was undisputable. The 18-year-old student was one of the two winners of the Young Scientist Award during this year’s edition of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. She told the press that she will use the money she received with the award to fund her college education at the Harvard University.

The senior at the Lynbrook High School in Saratoga told the press that she was surprised to see the jury decided to hand her the award. She, then, described the device she created which could be used to recharge mobile phones in just 30 seconds. The gadget she designed is a black, rectangular supercapacitor, which is only one inch long. The supercapacitor can hold a lot of energy, even though its size is very small, Khare further revealed. Although the device was introduced as a mobile phone battery, the same technology could be adopted for the automobile industry.

Khare has always been passionate about science, which is why Eesha was over the moon when she found out that she won the competition. She will use the $50,000 she received as an award to fund her college education. The Californian high-school senior has great plans for her future; she revealed that she will follow the science courses of the Harvard University and the award will, therefore, come in handy. The teen concluded her declaration with a joke by saying that she will “be setting the world on fire” after she starts her college education.

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