18 Tigers Dead on Ohio Farm

18 tigers that were kept in captivity on a farm in Ohio were found dead. The exotic animals, claimed to be of Bengal origin, were kept in a cruel environment, in small cages that went against their natural need to roam.

Preserving the tiger habitat is as much a concern for the animals that live at large, since there are only 3,200 tigers left in Asia, as well as for the ones kept in captivity in the States. Here the only 5,000 tigers remaining can be found in actual traditional zoos as well as in all sorts of manufactured environments such as: tourist attractions facilities, makeshift zoos, breeding ranches and backyard pens, as the Ohio one.

Leigh Henry, senior advisor for the international conservation organization, stated in an interview for The Times that the fate of the wild animals that live at large is completely entwined with the on of those in captivity. A hundred years ago the tiger population worldwide was estimated at 100,000 specimens, now the species are coming close to extinction. “Their numbers are so low that any inkling of a threat could be devastating”, she said.

Unfortunately, animals kept in captivity in the United States are often sold for their parts. This happens when they grow too old or become dangerous. This practice fuels an ongoing market in China, where people believe that a potion made from tiger body parts has mystical restorative properties. The tiger owners feed this market and in doing so raise the price for body parts of wild tigers killed by poachers.

The actual legal system concerning the tiger owners in the U.S. is very liberal. They don’t have to formally report the acquisition of the animals. Furthermore, there are states where it’s easier to adopt a tiger than it is to adopt a dog or a kitten. The World Wildlife Fund considers the local laws which govern the ownership of exotic large animals to be very unrestrictive, filled with loopholes and incredibly lacking uniformity from state to state.

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  1. I see a few Bengal tigers in there. As a Bengali, that disheartens me because they are majestic creatures that roam about the tropics of the Bengal jungles. Now when I see this, and then these pseudo-intellectuals fly on over to the villages there and preach to the poor villagers to leave their homes (that they have lived in for hundreds, if not thousands, of years)- it just infuriates me. These so called experts need to go back to people that STEAL these animals from their habitats only to waste their innocent lives for their stupid personal amusements for their dumb private zoos.

  2. Totally disgusting. When will this be banned owning exotic species don’t deserve this fate. POLITICIANS DO SOMETHING ABOUT OWNING THESE GOD’S FINEST.

  3. The OHIO Historical Society has to make another HISTORICAL MARKER; on a Farm in Zanesville Ohio Belonging to Terry Thompson. It will be similar to the one they erected at KENT STATE UNIVERSITY. The ineptitude of Ohio’s State Government and inability to see a problem like keeping 18 Bengal tigers on one ranch in cages that wouldn’t be fit for animals ½ their size caused this situation. It can be compared to the Kent State Massacre because Ohio’s elected officials had no more regard for the safety of the people of Zanesville than they had for the students at KENT STATE UNIVERSITY in MAY of 1970. This problem was allowed to fester not for hours like what happened at KENT STATE UNIVERSITY, not for Days or even months. This time it was for years. The end result caused one quarter of an entire Species to be wiped off the planet. The Species will go Extinct now and we have OHIO’s State Government to thank for another Historical Tragedy.
    How could so many of the 100 Bengal tigers left on Earth be allowed to live in one place, on one ranch, in OHIO for so long. This lack of care or concern caused Eighteen of these animals to be killed and only by a miracle was no one in Zanesville hurt or worse.
    Younger People may say, “What happened at KENT STATE UNIVERSITY?” They need to hold their State Government accountable for this criminal negligenceGov. John Kasich’s cracking down on exotic animal laws. It’s too little too late. He needs to be removed from office. The next Governor needs to be warned his job will also be in jeopardy for allowing ridiculous laws to go unchanged and put people in harms way..

  4. All those animals should not have been killed. The law enforcement who shot all those animals did not try to resolve the issue in other ways. As for the pos who opened the gates to the cages and let them free… I hope there is a hell and he is rotting in it.

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