1 In 3 Facebook Users Are Getting Bored With The Social Network

Based on a recent survey created by Reuters and Ipsos, 1 in 3 Facebook users are getting bored with the social network. While some segments of the population continue to be drawn by Facebook, the others no longer want to interact with their friends and family on the website.

It seems that Facebook’s initial public offering brought only trouble to the company. In addition to Mark Zuckerberg’s lawsuits and share price decreases, the social network is now facing a lot of criticism from its users. The majority have stated that the website no longer attracts them, so they spend less time on the platform now than they used to several years ago.

These were the discoveries that Reuters and Ipsos have made during one of their recent polls. The two companies wanted to determine the potential monetization of Facebook, but the research gave them insights on other aspects, as well. The survey proved that one third of Facebook users are now bored of the social platform and their number seems to be expanding. The poll was performed with the help of 1,000 American respondents of various ages.

The bad news continued for the social network as investigators found out that the social marketing techniques are not effective, either. 80 percent of the Facebook users who were interviewed for the poll admitted that they never purchased a product after seeing an ad on the social network. As a consequence, companies have to find other ways of advertising their products on Facebook if they want to be effective. In the end, they might be able to use other methods and abandon the social network.

The most active users are, according to the survey, the younger segments of the population, more specifically the ones with ages between 18 and 34. Only 29 percent of the users, who are older than 55, use the social platform on a regular basis.

Researchers have tried to identify some of the factors leading to Facebook’s loss of popularity. Apparently, people who use Facebook for a long time get to suffer from “Facebook fatigue”, that is, they no longer want to check their friends’ profiles and photos.




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