1.55 Million More Cars Recalled by General Motors

General Motors has decided to recall 1.55 million more car models, willing to enhance the safety of its vehicles. 

The 1.55 million vans, sedans and sport-utility vehicles are added to the 1.6 million that General Motors have already recalled from the market. It seems that these cars might have an issue with breaks, seatbelts, as well as airbags. The vehicles previously recalled by General Motors had a problem with the ignition switches. 

How much are these recalls going to cost General Motors? Well, it seems that the company will have quite a lot to pay. Until now, costs have been estimated at no less than $300 million in expenses. A statement released now revealed that this cost was estimated for no less than 3 million cars. 

No injuries have been reported related to this latest issue that was traced in the system by General Motors. However, apparently General Motors wanted to make sure that their cars are perfectly well. Mary Barra, the new CEO of General Motors, has struggled a lot in the past few years to remake the popularity of the car manufacturer. 

Actually, losing clients’ trust is the biggest problem that General Motors can have right now. IT has been reported that 12 people died because of the ignition switches problem that some vehicles produced by General Motors experienced. Over 1.6 million cars were recalled last month in relation with this event. 

“Something went wrong with our process in this instance and terrible things happened,” the CEO of the company said in message recorded for employees. “As a member of the GM family and as a mom with a family of my own, this really hits home for me. We have apologized. But that is just one step in the journey to resolve this.”

It seems that reps for General Motors are sure that it is much better for the company to act now and recall the vehicles that experience this problem. Probably, this is the reason why the company has hurried to add over one and a half million more cars on the list of vehicles which need a type of repair.

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