007 Exhibition Explores The Spy’s Style

The Associated Press reports that the producers of 007-related movies have decided to organize an exhibition to explore the style of the famous spy. The collection, which encompasses outfits from different decades, will be displayed in various international museums in the following period.

How can you tell when a movie has been on the screen for too long? When you can open a museum with its props and costumes. The James Bond series is a similar movie considering that the heartbreaking 007 agent has been on the big screen for almost half a century. Its success is not due to the script, but to the talented actors, beautiful women, as well as to the luxurious clothes and cars that usually get destroyed in the films.

Since actors and models are too expensive, film’s producers chose to gather all the James Bond costumes and reunite them in a high-class exhibition. 007 fans will, thus, be able to get a close look at the well-tailored 007 costumes, the sexy Bond girl gowns and the vestments that were worn by villains.

The fact that the movie has been around for more than a century makes the exhibition all the more interesting because visitors will be able to witness the evolution of the fashion by taking a look at the outfits. In addition to these clothes, the center has also included set pieces, props and design drawings that are relevant for the display.

According to the statement released by the organizers of the exhibition, the collection is meant to celebrate the work that the British, European and American craftspeople and designers have made to create the style of the agent. Although 007 is a British icon, it encompasses influences from various international designers.

The exhibition is called “Designing 007” and it will first be available at the Barbican Center in London, on September 5. The collection will then embark on an international tour reaching as many U.S. states as possible.

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