Zach Braff debuts as theater play writer

Former “Scurbs” star Zach Braff has decided to give theater a try. Not as an actor but as a play writer. A modest and humble Braff is talking about letting the ego aside and concentrate on the work. The actor has already tested other areas in showbiz and he was surprised by the outcomes.

Zach Braff is best known to us for his role in “Scrubs”. But playing one exponent of a new generation of doctors that sometimes proves to be better than the old generation is not all he can do. 

According to Associated Press, Braff is now trying his luck in the world of theater. His play is called “All New People” and it marks his debut as a play writer. He says that this work is “by far the most intimidating, humbling experience” that he had until now. He adds: “I think the biggest thing is not letting your ego get in the way of making the play better.” This has gained him the respect and admiration of Peter DuBois who is directing his play. “He’s an incredibly open, collaborative person” said DuBois, who also directed him in “Trust”.

“All New Men” is a dark comedy of 90 minutes. The play starts with introducing a man of 35 years of age, who is an air traffic controller and is determined to commit suicide. He is interrupted by a prostitute who was hired to cheer him up. After a while, the two are disturbed by a real estate agent who has problems with his visa and a firefighter who checks on homes. The cast of the play includes David Wilson Barnes, Justin Bartha and Krysten Ritter. Braff, 36, initially wrote the suicidal character’s role for himself, but he was convinced to let someone else play it and now he thinks it is a good idea. “To be in it, without the possibility of being able to step outside of it, wouldn’t have been good for the play.” Although he still says he would have been “amazing” in the role, he admits that “this is plenty challenging enough.”

As we said, this is not the first time Braff turns to something else than the movie industry. For example, he has won a Grammy Award for the soundtrack of “Garden State”. “I know nothing about writing or creating music, and yet I have a lot of musician friends. So they walk by my Grammy on my shelf and give it the evil eye” Braff laughs.

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