Yunel Escobar Sits 3 Games For Homophobic Slur

Sportsmen should know better when writing messages on their shirts or faces. Yunel Escobar sits 3 games for a homophobic slur written on his eye-black. Three games on the bench is quite a hole in your debt, isn’t it?

The Toronto Blue Jays star-player Yunel Escobar has been accused that he transmitted anti-gay messages via his eye-black. The event was recorded during the Blue Jays last match with Boston.

Even though Escobar insisted that it wasn’t meant to insult anyone, he still apologized to his team and ‘’to all those who have been offended.” The anti-gay slur written in Spanish costs Escobar three games on the bench, meaning around $82,000. According to his club, this money will go to two advocacy groups, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and You Can Play, an organization focused on equality and respect for athletes regardless of their sexual orientation.

Eye-black has been often used by players to send messages. That’s why NFL banned this custom because of discussions that appeared after players put on Bible verses and offensive messages.

Even if Yunel Escobar tried to explain that his message was an inside joke saying ”It was not anything intended to be directed at anyone in particular” he must pay the price of a stained honor and a quite important hit for the team. Escobar also tried to excuse himself saying ”I don’t have anything against homosexuals”.

Team member Ozzie Guillen, who was also suspended five matches because of a joke which regarded Fidel Castro, tried to show support for his colleague. He explained that it’s all about an inside joke saying ”In my house, we call (each other) that word every 20 seconds. I’ve got three kids”.

Also Guillen said that he doesn’t think that Escobar could launch such a message on purpose. He described Yunel as a guy that couldn’t hurt someone’s feelings and not “that stupid” to do that in public if he intended to.

Escobar was traded from Atlanta to Toronto in July 2010. He is hitting .251 this season with nine home runs and 49 RBIs.

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