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If you love video art and want to support projects in this sector, you have the chance to make a difference in a project: a documentary on Kirk Bloodsworth. A filmmaker from Idaho started an online campaign in order to raise 25,000 dollars so he could tell the story of the first man who has been cleared from all charges and released from prison after nine years, based on a DNA test proof.
Filmmaker Gregory Bayne started a fundraising campaign online, in order to gain the support he needs to do a documentary on Kirk Bloodsworth, who was the first man for whom the DNA test removed a death sentence. The subject is worth a million bucks, but Bayne needs only 25,000 dollars for the project.
Bloodsworth was accused of rape and murder in 1984. An eye witness identified him as the offender and this was enough to put him behind bars. The more tragic part of the situation was that his was a death sentence. In 1993, after spending nine year in prison, never knowing which day would be his last, the man was released. His case had been reopened and a DNA test revealed he could not have been the offender. He was exonerated.

Bayne started working on the documentary since April. His project is sponsored by the nonprofit Independent Filmmaker Project in New York. He began his online campaign on Wednesday and until now, he has raised 7,000 dollars. To find out how you can bring your own contribution to the documentary, named “Bloodsworth: An Innocent Man”, go to, then search for the name of Bayne’s documentary:  “Bloodsworth: An Innocent Man”.

You can see the a part of the documentary below.

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