Young entrepreneur creates new black woman archetype in YouTube show

Young entrepreneur Issa Rae created a web-based show called “The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl”, in which she tells the story of her life. The show aires on YouTube She says that she started the project because she had no African-American model that she could relate to and felt the need to add one more black woman archetype to the few existing at the moment. `

“The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl” is the story of a character named J, who tells about her ups and downs in both her professional and love life. The character is played by Issa Rae, the creator of the project. The idea came to Rae after a revelation that she had in regard to the black woman archetypes that were presented in the media. “I really didn’t see anybody like me on the screen, nobody I could relate to”, says the ingenious entrepreneur. “It’s frustrating to look at the screen and only be able to relate to people like Tina fey od Amy Poehler, people who don’t look like me”, she added.

Rae premiered her show on YouTube starting February 2011. The pilot episode had more than 240,000 hints and the following episodes got over 100,000 hints each. People received her idea with enthusiasm as she got thousands of comments from the viewers and more than 17,000 people like the show on Facebook.

After the huge success that the show got on the social networks, Rae and her co-producer, Tracy Oliver are looking to sell the series to a cable network. However, this does not mean it will not be available online anymore. Both creators of the show believe in the power of the web publicity. “Had it not been for social media, this show just wouldn’t have been what it is today. I couldn’t have done this 10 years ago”, said Issa Rae.

Susan Fales-Hill, the creator of NBC’s sitcom “A Different World” called Rae’s show “a culture shock” and explained: “A lot of us came up during a time when there was a studio system, more jobs and [she] came up through the ranks.” She believes that Rae sets an example on how things should be done and how “much more aggressive we should be.”

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