YotaPhone 2, e-reader or phone?

There is no doubt in the fact that the YotaPhone is a unique device on the market. Probably, it looks like a normal phone from the front, but flipping this model over users will have a surprise. Instead of a plastic flap, users will see an E Ink display looking more like the Amazon Kindle e-reader.

To be mentioned that there was several attempts of making Android run on an electronic display, and it looks like YotaPhone is the only device that actually works. This phone was released in December last year, and since then this device made huge strides forward in functionality and ergonomics.

These days, the phone received a hefty price cut, while a new white version and with a comprehensive Android Lollipop upgrade was also released. The company’s mission is to make a phone with all the modern versatility of an Android smartphone, but featuring an extremely energy-efficient E Ink display.

Probably, many people are forced to carry their e-reader in a separate package, so why not having all in the same device. People carry their smartphone with them all the time anyway, so why not built the e-reader right into it, like music players, camera or GPS, unites that have already been integrated.

This is what the new YotaPhone 2 offers: a new opportunity to extend the battery life and having an energy-efficient E Ink display on an Android device. However, Yota introduced useful widgets and interactive panels, but there is also a so called Yota Mirror that allows users to use Android entirely on the back.

On the other side of the 4.7-inch E Ink screen, users will find a 5-inch AMOLED display that features a 1080p resolution. Unfortunately, the display suffers from poor color accuracy, but these are not considered to be some new issues for OLED displays. However, the recent release of the Galaxy S6 has raised the bar of expectations and this phone just can’t compete with such high-end devices. 

It’s clear that Yota was forced to cut the prices in order to fit on the market. Even if it will be hard to convince people to step away from the Galaxy S6 or the iPhone, YotaPhone 2 is a unique phone that offers a real diversity in a saturated market.

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