Yahoo Messenger is back

Probably, everyone has used Yahoo Messenger at least once in their life. This instant messaging client was very famous, especially in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Unfortunately, when smartphones and tablets started to gain field, this instant messaging client was gradually forgotten. 

Now, there are several apps that can be used for instant messaging. Every smartphone user probably has two or even more messaging apps on his device. But, it looks like Yahoo Messenger has not given up and it has hit the market with a new version and lots of new features. 

On a market where WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Skype are the most used and popular messaging apps, Yahoo Messenger has decided to take a chance. So, this new messaging app has big plans and wants to become a big player on this market. 

At first sight, the new version of Yahoo Messenger is approximately similar to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or any other messaging apps. Users will have to log in with their phone number and after that the app will scan their contacts for people they know who also use the app. To be added that users who have a connected Yahoo Mail account will see that their contacts from this service will also appear.

However, the new Yahoo Messenger also has some new and interesting features that will probably be well received by users. So, for starters, the new messaging app has a built-in GIF search, plus the ability to share larger numbers of photos almost instantly. This is a good thing and a huge plus compared with other messaging apps that can be found on the market. To be added that these larger number of photos can be shared no matter if users are logged on a Wi-Fi network or a data connection. Another interesting thing is that users can also like individual messages. 

“We built this not just as a single app but as a platform that allows messaging to be integrated with other products in Yahoo. There are a lot of other Yahoo properties that could benefit from adding a lightweight communication layer,” has declared Austin Shoemaker, senior director of product management for Yahoo Messenger. 

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