Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review: Does it Work?


This diet plan is designed to lose large amounts of fat in a very short time through calorie restriction and calorie burning. It’s a very intense plan that will result in the loss of 25 pounds in 25 days when followed precisely.


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It very cleverly avoids the survival mode syndrome common to most quick weight loss diets through the use of “cheat days.” In fact, you will finish the plan after 25 days with a higher metabolic rate than when you start.

Included in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is adequate provision for consumption of appropriate amounts of vitamins and other nutrients.


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1. IT WORKS! You WILL lose a large amount of fat in a very short time.

2. The plan provides for appropriate levels of vitamins and other nutrients so you won’t suffer damage from deficiencies.

3. The plan comes with complete, easy to read instructions on every aspect of the program.

4. The “Xtreme Fat Loss Diet” has been put together by Joel Marion, a dedicated nutrition expert who has spent years developing this strategy. The plan is thoroughly researched and tested,  and is even used by advanced industry experts.

5. The plan bypasses the negative issues caused by using just any quick weight loss diet. In this regard, Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is truly ingenious in how it utilizes the body’s own mechanisms to burn fat quickly without being injurious.

6. Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is sold with a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


Xtreme Fat Loss Diet system is based on a specific diet and exercise plan that lasts for 25 days – called strategic synergy. It works by combining the power of intermittent fasting, cheat days and strategic workouts to prime your body into the best possible state for fat loss. This is done in a 5 day cycle.

I know how well intermitted fasting works and how important having cheat days can be. Combine that with workouts that are specifically designed for how you are eating and you can lose a considerable amount of fat.

Okay so I’ve got the background on the program, now I wanted to know….

Who Is Joel Marion? …..and can I trust him?

When I was first researching what products I was going to review, I picked a few by authors I knew nothing about and a few by authors who I did know something about.

I tend to lean towards people I trust when buying things online, and that’s why I identified Joel as one of the people I would take a look at. Now, it wasn’t Joel I directly lay my trust in. I actually first heard about Joel through Craig Ballantyne (Author & Creator of Turbulence Training and Home Workout Revolution). Craig is one of the few people I listen to in the fitness industry, so when he recommends someone I tend to have a lower ‘Wall-of-Trust’ up than if someone else was to do the same.

But with that said, I still like to know exactly who the person is I am buying a product from.

Joel started his fitness venture around the age of 19. When he started, he admits to falling into the same trap most people fall in to when the first take up fitness – long gym sessions. In fact he actually admits to spending 2 hours in the gym every day.

Anyway, after finally realizing he was doing something wrong, he decided to bite the bullet and hire a coach to help him out.

He went from spending 2 hours a day in the gym to spending 2 hours a week in the gym – only then did he start seeing results.

Like a lot of people who change their lives round due to health and fitness, Joel decided to go and get himself qualified. He is now a qualified personal trainer and sports nutritionist – with an honours degree in Exercise Science to boot.

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