X-mini Clear Review

X-mini is well-known for the great capsule speakers, like Kal2. Everyone was excited when X-mini announced that they will come out with a new product, named Clear, a portable Bluetooth speaker. Such as other devices, for example Logitech UE Boom and Bose SoundLink III, this new product is meant to play music from your tablet or smartphone. It has a 10-hour battery life and you have the ability to charge it while it plays music.

You can find X-min Clear in the US at the price of 199 dollars or £160 in Europe. This new speaker measures 22 by 9 by 11 cm and 920 g weight. Don’t worry because it doesn’t feel as heavy as it sounds and it is very portable. X-mini Clear shows a retro design, unlike the funky style of the Logitech Boom or the industrial design of the Bose SoundLink III. It is a pretty design, very easy on the eyes with curves and a transparent rear.

Due to the clear rear, you have the chance to look into the speaker’s innards, which presents plenty of air, a 6,600 mAh battery at the bottom and a circuit board. It also has LED light inside and you can adjust them to strobe the lights based on the music, or also emit a soothing glow for a romantic mood. X-mini Clear opt for touch-sensitive keys, instead of the physical buttons, to keep the design minimalist. It really looks awesome, but it takes some time to learn their functionality and how to turn on the mood lightening (you must leave your finger on the light button for 2-3 seconds).

If you own an Android Phone, you can use the Clear’s NFC to easily pair your device. You can also use the USB port to charge your phone while you stream music. These speakers use Bluetooth 3.0 and also support AVRCP v1.0, A2DP Stereo and HFP v1.5. Unfortunately, there is no aptX support.

X-mini Clear has a good sound and users claim that it can be a good a speaker, compared to the competition. These speakers has a nice retro style and deliver a great sound when it comes to vocals.

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