WWE Superstar John Cena Grants 300th Make-A-Wish

Based on a report published by the Associated Press, WWE superstar John Cena has just granted his 300th wish to a 7-year-old boy suffering from a spinal condition. The Make-A-Wish Foundation admitted that John Cena is the most popular wish granter in the history of the organization.

Jonny Littman is a 7-year-old boy from Pennsylvania who is suffering from a spinal condition. He has always been a fan of John Cena, so the WWE superstar went to Long Island, New York to grant his 300th wish for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Littman was incredibly happy to see his favorite celebrity, but this was not the only gift he got.

Sam Champion invited Jonny Littman on his Wednesday’s edition of “Good Morning America”. Champion asked the little boy about his green T-shirt. Littman responded that it belonged to WWE superstar, John Cena. As soon as he uttered the name, the professional wrestler walked out and surprised Jonny. After a brief conversation, Cena presented another gift to his fan. He pulled out a set of tickets for Jonny and his family to be able to attend the 1,000th edition of the WWE show.

John Cena is incredibly happy to help people and to be a wish granter for the Make-A-Wish foundation. He holds the record for this as he has made 300 people happy, so far. Michael Jordan is the next wish granter with 200 surprises, whereas Kobe Bryant is in the 100-wish category.

The pro wrestler told the press that he really appreciates the Make-A-Wish foundation for keeping track of his accomplishments. They even threw a party in honor of his 200th granted wish, but he told them that he plans to have another one after 1,000 wishes. He told everyone that he just started his charity work and he doesn’t plan to stop very soon.

Even though he granted lots of wishes for many people, Cena was very touched by the last surprise he had to make. The most emotional thing was the fact that the kid did not request anything else, except to see him. Jonny chanted: “Cena. John Cena. Cena” as the superstar was walking out of the studio.

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