Woman Stars Worldwide Beauty Campaign with a Selfie

Selfies have become extremely popular nowadays. Everyone posts self-photos on their social media accounts, so this is quite a trend. A woman has decided to join this trends in a beauty campaign that is becoming extremely debated. 

Esther Honig is the woman who shared a photo of herself wearing no makeup. The woman sent the photo to 25 countries and asked people to make her beautiful, with the use of Photoshop. This became now an amazingly powerful campaign on what beauty really means. 

So, people from all over the world took the picture and changed it according to their own standards of beauty. From changing her skin tone, to her cheekbones, the changes were varied. However, the beautiful lady claimed that the most shocking changes she had seen came from nowhere else than the United States. 

The campaign led to an interesting conclusion, which Esther Honig decided to share. She said that people from all over the world have a different perspectives on what beauty is and what it means. So, there is no universal standard of beautiful and there is no eye of the Photoshop user. People have different perspectives and naturally they can only be shown through their decisions. Beauty really is different in the eye of the beholder. 

Esther Honig is 25 years old. When she started this project, she surely did not expect for her photo and the entire campaign to go viral. The results of this project simply reflect the personal choice and the cultural influences of each individual, marked in the changes that Photoshopers have made to the original picture. While Esther was quite surprised with the results she had seen, the fact is that it was expected for her picture to be totally changed. 

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