Withings Activite Pop, a full fitness tracker

These days, smartwatches can be seen everywhere, even fitness trackers, with all kind of shapes, sizes and prices. However, there are probably some customers who are in search for something that looks like a regular watch, but also happens to feature some semi-smart things.

Here is where Withings Activite Pop gets up the stage. This handset is a combination of an activity tracker and a regular watch. To be mentioned that Activite Pop was released in January this year, with a great design, but it has also been a less expensive version. The older version from January was a sapphire-crystal and stainless-steel watch, featuring the price of 450 dollars. 

It looks like the new Pop comes at the price of 150 dollars and trades that incredible design that packed a sapphire dome, polished steel and calf leather with a silicone strap, mineral glass dome and PVD-coated steel. However, the features are identical, having a Bluetooth-connected fitness tracker, capable of step-counting and sleep-tracking, but it also syncs automatically with Android phones and iPhones. 

To be said that the new Acitivite Pop also comes with a silent vibrating alarm, which is one of the best features that can be found on a smartwatch, it is water-resistant for showering and swimming up to 50 meters and homes a replaceable coin battery. The company declared that this new fitness tracker goes up to approximately eight months without charging. The early version of the Pop has some problems, it seems that the crystal often spontaneously shattered, but the company declared that it managed to fix the underlying manufacturing problem. It also declared that only the corrected models have reached US retailers.

The new Activite Pop comes with a silicone band to the round mineral-glass-domed analog watch face, and to be fair, it looks like an everyday watch. The watch comes with three colors: white, black and blue and they are very attractive. The watch’s body is still steel and the hour and minute hands are painted.

The price is right on and probably this is one of the things that will make the difference on the market. Probably, the new Pop will not be compared with Apple Watch or with other high-end smartwatches, but it doesn’t have to. This watch looks and feels normal, which represents a big success for the company. 

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