With Heavy Storm Expected, Schools In The Midwest Are Closing Earlier

The present winter season has been ever more confusing, with days that seemed to bring the spring ahead of time, and days of heavy snow storms, power outages and closed schools that made everybody’s life a pain. Now that the National Weather Service announced a heavy storm, some schools in the Midwest are closing earlier.

Authorities with the National Weather Service announced that throughout the following two days Dakotas will be put under a snow storm warning. Basically, citizens were told to expect freezing rain, strong winds and up to 14 inches of snow. As a result, school districts decided to close schools earlier while some concerned people have already hit the stores to make provisions in case of emergency.

According to the official announcement, schools throughout western, central and northeast South Dakota and the southeast North Dakota have closed their doors for two days. Today, school districts Colchester and Norwich send their students home earlier after the National Weather Service warning was announced.

Mike Fowle, meteorologist with the National Weather Service told the Associated Press yesterday: “In the Aberdeen area, snow totals in this storm could meet or exceed what we’ve had the whole winter”. For that reason, authorities have asked people living throughout South Dakota to avoid travelling, driving and going outside for other reasons apart emergencies.

But a lot of those living in South Dakota aren’t exactly scared by the grim outlook given by the National Weather Service. They are accustomed with a cold snowed in March just as much as others are enjoying the first days of spring in other parts of the country.

Fowle also added that the storm to come is going to “knock the rust off”. “March is one of our snowiest months in the Dakotas. People kind of got lulled into a sense of ‘We’re not going to get much snow this winter’, and things could definitely change”.

Jimmy Taeger is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. He explained that so far the South Dakota area has been avoided by heavy winter storms. “We’ve just been lucky with [storms] going to the north and south of us”.

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