Windows XP Still Used by Millions

The fact that Microsoft has chosen to no longer support the Windows XP is not shocking at all. Actually, the famous company announced earlier this year the fact that support will end for this old operating system. Support has stopped three months ago. 

Despite this announcement and the problems that can be experienced by users because of the fact that support has ended, reports reveal that more than 25 percent of all PCs still use this famous and popular OS. What is concerning for Microsoft is the fact that this number is almost double than the number of people who use the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 OS. 

So, the Windows XP is still highly used, despite the numerous campaigns that Microsoft conducted with the purpose to determine users into accessing Windows 8. Moreover, Windows 7 is also more popular than the newest update. Actually, the low popularity of Windows 8 has determined numerous rumors on Microsoft’s intention to release Windows 9 in 2015. 

Microsoft constantly issues a series of reminders that aim to let users know that their devices are exposed to a series of malware, as support from Microsoft has ceased. Still, the impressive number of users has even determined Microsoft to issue a security fix, which the company said was just a one-time exception. 

Apparently, users are not afraid at all of the fact that the lack of support can damage their devices. This makes the Windows XP the second most popular OS at the moment. The need to still use it has actually determined a series of companies to pay Microsoft for extended support. This can definitely make Microsoft even more concerned about the success of the Windows 8 and 8.1. 

In this context, there is no wonder that Microsoft plans on releasing Windows 9. Apparently, rumors reveal that the famous company is willing to release a new version of its operating system, as they plan on giving its services a refresh. Are users going to be more interested in Windows 9 than in Windows 8? Microsoft surely hopes so. 

Well, until the rumored release of Windows 9 in 2015, the famous company will remain focused on its campaigns to promote Windows 8.

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