Windows 9 leak: What to Expect

Microsoft seems to be working at a new release. The famous company is actually going to launch soon its Windows 9, at least this is what is now expected. 

Actually, ever since Microsoft made the official announcement on the fact that it plans on stopping support for Windows XP, it has been claimed that the tech giant will release a new operating system. When support ended for the XP, users of the old operating system were advised to move to Windows 7 or better yet to the latest operating system released by Microsoft, Windows 8. 

However, Windows 8 failed to get the success that Microsoft hoped its product will have. So, Windows 8 met a lot of criticism, the system being incompatible with certain devices and having many bugs, according to users. This means that a much lower number of users than what Microsoft initially imagined made the change to Windows 8. In this context, the need to release a new operating system becomes even more visible. 

So, Microsoft is now working at Windows 9, which is expected to be absolutely great. Now, some leaked photos show for the first how the new operating system will look like. The leaked pics show a Start-menu fusion of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The leaked photos were published for the first time on a German tech blog. The blog has actually shared a video. 

This leaked video demonstrates how the Start menu will look in Windows 9. Apparently, in Windows 9 the Start menu combines the traditional apps of the older Windows with some features included in the Windows 8 menu. 

The new operating system is expected to be released next year. A Windows Technical Preview is expected at the end of September or in the first days of October. Microsoft is expected to make this release with the main purpose to allow enterprises and developers to study the changes brought by Windows 9. 

Well, regardless of what Windows 9 will bring, it is expected to be an amazing operating system. Microsoft has received a series of complaints on Windows 8 and most problems were linked to the lack of functionality of the Start menu. 

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