Windows 8 Sells Fewer Copies than Windows 7

New reports reveal that Windows 8 has sold fewer copies than Windows 7 did. Windows 8 is the latest Microsoft release, which the company describes as an absolutely excellent product.

However, it seems that it has failed to conquer the customers. 

Naturally, this does not mean that Windows 8 is doing very badly when it comes to purchases.

This is one of the greatest operating systems that Microsoft has ever released, so customers are eager to discover it. Just that the new Windows has not managed to achieve the impressive sales of Windows 7. 

During the first months when Windows 8 has been in sale, the product sold in 100 million copies. The number has increased now, as Windows revealed that until this point they have been able to sale no less than 200 million Windows licenses. 

Windows 7 was launched in 2009, but in just a year after the release, Microsoft revealed that their product has sold in more than 240 million copies. The number grow even higher by the beginning of 2011, when the famous company revealed that they sold over 300 million Windows 7 licenses. 

While at 15 months since its release Windows 8 only achieve the number of 200 million sales, we can easily say that Windows 7 sold in 100 million more copies than its successor. 

Even though sales have doubled for Windows 8 in the past few months, most likely Microsoft is not very happy with the success that its product has among users. 

As Microsoft describes its latest product as one of the most impressive releases of the company, most likely they expected for Windows 8 to easily overpass the sales of its predecessor. 

Statistics estimate that about a third of all PCs are currently still running Windows XP. Windows 7 is still used on more than 47 percent of desktop OS devices, while Windows 8 managed to get only 11 percent of this market. 

Why did Windows 8 failed to achieve the success that Microsoft expected? Well, this surely is a question that the company is trying to answer. The new Windows version was conceived as a flexible new system that would work well on all devices. However, at some point it had been reported that many users experienced issues with the new Windows 8.

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