Windows 10 Preview

When running a PC with Windows 10 Technical Preview, you will notice that this is a familiar desktop. The taskbar is filled with familiar looking icons and the recycle bin sits in the upper left corner. However, the build number situated on the right side of the desktop indicates that this isn’t Windows 8 all over again. When you will press the start button, you will be very happy that the Start menu is back and you will find all your favorite apps stacked in a column of nested folders since Windows 95. Alongside these apps, you will find Windows 8’s Live Tiles, with social updates and news-bites spinning ad infinitum.

Windows 8 is a good operating system, but the Start screen was questionable. The interesting Live Tiles offers some useful information and notifications, but they were designed much more for touchscreen devices. Most of the work we do in Windows involves a mouse and keyboard. Window’s Modern colorful apps request a full screen attention. The Windows 10 Start Menu is more practicable and sidesteps those problems that we met using Windows 8 Start Screen. 

When using Windows 10, you will notice that this operating system is a mix of the familiar and new together, in a form that is not completely different and is suddenly more useful than ever before. The new Start Menu resembles older versions of Windows, with folders you have pinned and frequently used apps lined up in a neat little column. In the right of the column are situated the Live Tiles and if you don’t want them there, you can just click on them and remove them.

However, Windows 10 is a real game-changing because this operating system will rule every device, from desktops to smartphones and tablets. Also, the new operating system has offered many other interesting features that haven’t made, yet, their way to the technical preview. We are glad the Microsoft’s vision of tomorrow’s ideal operating system is on high hills. Microsoft’s purpose is to offer us a unified experience across devices of all sizes and shapes. With Windows 10, it looks like the giant tech company will show us how the future will look.

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