Will Tiger Woods Master The Masters 2012?

There is only one question on everyone’s minds as the Masters 2012 competition is getting ready for a new start: will Tiger Woods master his golf bats with the same artistry he used to do before? At the first look, there are but two players that could take the trophy away from Woods, that is, Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy.

The Augusta National golf course was seriously affected last Tuesday by a powerful storm, yet the competition will start as programmed. Analysts can’t refrain themselves from comparing this year’s Masters with the last year’s edition when champion Charl Schwartzel entertained viewers with his highly trained golf skills.

According to analysts, there are three main favorites for the opening lap on Thursday. At the top of the list is Tiger Woods who is currently struggling to show the world that he can still play golf and win competitions. In fact, the four-time champion has won his first title in 30 months during the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Although in the past two years, Woods finished on the fourth place, he is convinced that in 2012 he will have the same results as in 2000. The golf player, who took part in 18 competitions on Augusta National, told reporters that he knows the course by heart because he played there all his life.

Despite Woods’ experience at the Masters, Phil Mickelson has many chances of winning this year’s edition, especially if style points matter the most. In addition, the Augusta National suffered several modifications in 2002 in order to “Tiger-proof” the course. As a result, the Georgia gem might have become more “Phil friendly”.

The chances of witnessing a Tiger vs. Rory marquee this year are very big, according to some analysts. The two players have been on a collision course since the 2010 edition of the Ryder Cup. Last time Rory played on Augusta National, his tee shot hit a pine tree and ricocheted back between two cabins off the tee. He confessed that he remembered that episode during an earlier visit to the course and he hopes it won’t happen again this year.

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