Will Mitt Romney Win In January 3 Iowa Caucuses?

As the January 3rd Iowa caucuses approach, there’s one question that bugs reporters, analysts and politicians alike: will Mitt Romney win? Or maybe, Newt Gingrich or, why not Texas Congressman Ron Paul, hold enough support to reshape the 2012 Republican presidential nomination race once again?

Iowa caucuses are of huge importance to how the nomination race is going to develop over the next months for Republican candidates. The one who wins the support in the first series of voting will likely win the nomination.

For Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney the Iowa caucuses are of dire importance. Back in 2008, Romney invested much of his time and funds in raising support from voters in this state, but when it came down to election, he lost in favor of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Just like that, Romney lost $10 million for nothing.

Huckabee has recently said: “If the evangelical vote is splintered and Ron Paul’s people aren’t going anywhere, Mitt Romney could end up winning the Iowa caucuses as a result”.

As stated by, Romney’s odds to win “the nomination at the betting market Intrade,  which closed at a low of 42 percent on Dec. 13, had shot up to 72 percent as of Monday night”.

This year, the former governor decided to try another strategy. He didn’t spend that much time in Iowa, probably in an attempt to lower his expectations. However, he is confident of his chances to win the nomination, based on polls that still show him a strong frontrunner.

Thus, Romney is planning to make his campaign more visible in Iowa, just one week ahead the caucuses. According to Business Week, “he has been addressing supporters in Iowa, South Carolina and Florida on conference calls, and his campaign released an ad highlighting his record as a conservative businessman”.

Romney has also scheduled a speech in Davenport, as well as a three-day bus tour across the state. Politico warns: “Keep an eye on Romney’s schedule this week”, and adds that “if Gingrich can’t revive his campaign and no other candidate is catching on, Romney may go for a knock-out blow by adding additional time in the Hawkeye State before January 3rd”.

Meanwhile, based on a series of polls, people in Iowa are still, mostly, undecided. A significant amount might just reconsider their choice ahead next week’s caucuses.

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