Will Blocks be the next successful smartwatch?

The smartwatch market is filled with a high number of interesting handsets that are also quite unique. Actually, every smartwatch has a feature that is unique in its way. But, there will always be a new idea that will make a device successful. 

These days, a new idea has arrived on the smartwatch market, and it is called Blocks. This new smartwatch will offer the opportunity to its customers to create their own device. Blocks is powered by a version of Android and has a strap made of interchangeable sections. Moreover, each of these sections has a different technology to perform a specific function. 

This new idea will probably be the next step into the smartwatch market. Blocks will definitely be a hit on the market and many companies will probably follow its innovation. The watch also has the function to connect to the user’s smartwatch and deliver notifications. However, the interesting part is just about to come, because the strap module has the mission to deliver extra functions, like NFC to contractless payments, GPS and extra battery. Is this true? Of course. Customers have the possibility to choose all these functions. 

How? Well, the idea is that customers will have to choose the features that they want and simply clip them together to create the smartwatch that they need. This is an incredible opportunity for everyone to build a smartwatch with the features that they need, without having one filled with features that they don’t need. So, how can customers buy this device? Unfortunately, for the moment, Blocks is not available because the Kickstarter campaign has only come to an end, and the device will probably be available sometime around June 2016. However, customers could preorder the device, but they have to wait before they can own it. 

The price is somewhere around 295 dollars and it is available in red, black and white colors. Blocks will run Android operating system, but it will work with both Android and iOS phones. As for design, this watch will look similar with other smartwatches on the market, featuring a round display. 

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