WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Is Ready For Life in The Ecuador

Reuters relates that Julian Assange is ready to start a new life in the Ecuador where he was accepted despite his legal problems. The WikiLeaks founder was forced to seek refuge at Ecuador’s embassy in London to avoid extradition.

Julian Assange is wanted in numerous states after being accused of various felonies. The WikiLeaks founder was constrained to live at Ecuador’s embassy in London until the country accepted his asylum request. This way, he managed to stay away from British police officers who were ordered to arrest him and to avoid extradition to Sweden where Assange was charged with sexual assault.

The controversial man has finally managed to find a safe country for him and that is Ecuador. Everyone in this country have been very supportive with the Australian journalist who was afraid that British authorities could sent him to the United States to face charges related to WikiLeaks website. He told reporters that the Ecuadorean Ambassador in Australia was very interested in helping him. He always sent him supportive messages to keep his morale up.

Julian Assange drew the media’s attention by publishing a series of leaked U.S. diplomatic cables in 2010. Now the writer is afraid that he will be sent to the United States where he will receive the death penalty for political crimes. He will remain at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London until his asylum application will be accepted. The embassy is currently gathering evidence for what is happening in the U.S., so they were unable to provide a date for his asylum claim.

Although they have always showed him support, leftist Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa told the press that the application will be carefully analyzed before taking a decision. He further added that the country is inclined to grant him asylum for various reasons. First of all, they could not accept the fact that the journalist might receive the death penalty for the ideas that he expressed. Second of all, Correa thinks Assange should have received a due process before being prosecuted for political crimes.

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