Why to Unfriend People on Facebook, New Study Shows

A new study has revealed the reason why people unfriend their Facebook friends. Numerous people who have Facebook accounts decide at some time that they need to make a selection when it comes to their friends list. 

It is generally considered that there have to be some serious reasons which determine people to unfriend some of the individuals they have on their list. Sometimes, unfriending someone does not have to be related in a way or another with a thing that person might be doing on Facebook or on digital world. 

The new research that was just made public was created by specialists from the University of Colorado Denver. The study reveals that there are some specific reasons which may determine someone to unfriend a person from its list of friends on Facebook. The study indicates that religious or political views are some of the most common reasons why people lose their Facebook friends or followers. 

The study reveals that high school acquaintances are among the most common categories of people who lose their Facebook friends due to such reasons as their political or religious views. “We found that people often unfriend co-workers for their actions in the real world rather than anything they post on Facebook,” one of the researchers conducting this study said. 

The study also tried to discover how people reacted when they found out that they have been unfriended. For some, this came as a great surprise. Others, were absolutely bothered by the fact that they have been unfriended by some of the people in their list, while others were just amused or even sad. So, reactions can vary a lot depending on a series of factors. 

The same study reveals that two people who were extremely close but grew apart from each other are much more likely to unfriend each other than individuals who are just acquaintances or barely know each other.  

Most likely, the same pattern can be seen in the reaction of various individuals on other social media sources, as well. So, although reasons to unfriend someone may vary, apparently, there are some common reasons that were traced by researchers.

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