Why giving up sweets requires psychotherapy

Far from being just a biological need, the sugar craves have a more sensitive background and giving up sweets requires psychotherapy in most of the cases.

Losing weight has always been an issue for most of the women. Few of us have the “luck” of being born with a genetic “helping hand” that drives the metabolism at a higher speed, so that the fats will burn faster. But in most cases, it’s not about genetics. When do you know it is something else?

Every person can have cravings occasionally. It is when it becomes a habit to eat only as a result of a craving impulse that the problem appears. When you are eating without really being hungry, but because you feel the drive of stuffing yourself with a certain food, you are doing two things: you ingest quantities of unneeded food (probably not the healthiest, either) and you are trying to fill an emotional void.

A close attention to your eating habits will uncover that you are somehow driven to eat at certain moments (the evening, the time when you are left home alone, the time before an important meeting at work, and so on). Basically, it’s every moment that you feel the stress level is going up. Some people eat when they are bored, as a mechanism of coping with the anxiety of having nothing to do. And the more you feel the pressure of stressing situations, the more likely you are to eat uncontrollably.
The majority of cravings involve sweets. And of them, only the most fatty, creamy, sugary ones become interesting enough. The reason why this happens is partly biological. Sugar raises the levels of serotonin in the brain, which allows us to put our guard down and diminish the anxiety.  But as we have seen, stuffing ourselves with muffins is not the best treatment for anxiety.

Psychotherapy is the best way to go when you want to lose weight, give up sweets or dealing with food cravings. The therapist will be able to remove the cause of the anxiety, thus allowing you to be more comfortable in your own skin and say goodbye to the food addiction moments.

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Mara is a life coach and soon, she will be a psychotherapist. She has been involved in several wellness projects and is now here for you. She will give you hints on how to reach that healthy lifestyle you always wanted. Ask Mara a question and she might just answer in one of her articles. To contact Mara, e-mail her at

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