What’s a Steam Link?

So, after releasing the amazing Alienware Steam Machine, Valve has another tiny surprise for its customers. These days, there were some rumors about a little tiny box being released, called Steam Link. What’s a Steam Link? 

As it was already mentioned, it is a little box that will make everyone’s PC as powerful as a gaming console. The new Steam Link is probably the best alternative for those who don’t afford to buy a Steam Machine or already own a gaming PC. Moreover, setting up the new Steam Link is pretty simple, too. 

Customers who will buy this new little box just have to hook it up to their home network and their television, take the controller and they will be able to stream all of the action on their PC to the TV. However, they must know that Steam Link is not perfect, meaning that it only works with content that they load in Steam. 

Well, at the price of 50 dollars, this device may not be perfect. However, Steam Link is a great device that offers a good alternative for the Steam Machine. This tiny box is pretty affordable and gives the opportunity to hard-core gamers to extend their passion to a larger display.

Probably, customers will say that they can hook up their PC on a TV right now, without the Steam Link. That is correct, but they have to think at the awkward process of moving the PC near a TV, connect the two with the correct video cable and then change the PC’s resolution so that their Windows can fit perfectly on a big screen. 

Or not, just connect a Steam Link to the home network, choose a controller and that’s it. The new Steam Link is perfect for those who are searching for a comfortable way to play games on a bigger screen, direct from their PC and using a gaming controller.

Customers could also opt for the Nvidia Shield Android TV, another device that can easily stream games from the user’s PC to the TV. Moreover, this device could also stream up to 4K. So, it looks like the Steam Link already has a competitor, but with a good advantage, because Nvidia Shield Android TV requires using a Nvidia GPU and costs approximately 200 dollars. 

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