What is Web 3.0 good for?

Could we imagine life without our personal computer or cell phone or other important and closed gadgets? no, we certainly couldn’t. But let’s imagine instead that we have a gadget thatgives us the response which fulfills our desires. We certainly can imagine that can’t we?

One of the first steps towards a personal computer which brings us responses to problems after analizyng our profile of congenialities is Web 3.0. It certainly is not a nice little robotwandering around us all the time bringing us lunch while working to finish that realy important project we have to give to our boss yesterday and also buy a present for this evening birthday party we just have to attend, but it is our nice little browsre that give us theresponse to where can we grab a perfect meal while working and which is the perfect storefrom where we buy the troublesome present fit to the person in case. This can be possiblebecause Web 3.0 means working with personalised data bases from where the computer retrives the data needed. The more you use this type of browsre themore yopu get better results as the computer learns more and more about you.

Some of us probably won’t understand why it is necesarry for Web 3.0 to do this when you can simply search the Internet with a Web 2.0 browser for a WI-FI restaurant and a present shop. Yes this is true but Web 2.0 only returns us the information and we have to do the selection, with semantic web (Web 3.0) we recive the information organised and ready to use.

This meanss if we refer to the earlier example that we text in the new search bar a complex sentencce such as ‚’I want to eat and work for my project and to quickly buy a present for a30 years old literature lover person’ and the browser will return organised data of yourfavourite wi-fi restaurants closed to bookstores and also the perfect book to buy. This will bedone based on the Internet profile you gradually fill.

The core of Web 3.0 is data and information. It is based on the same technology as data mining, which means shaking the available data in order to make new perfect and neededinformation to trickle.

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