Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes Get Apple CarPlay

Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes are among the companies which will introduce the Apple CarPlay system. This is the newest release by Apple, a competitor to the Google push into cars. 

It has been revealed that the car models which will feature the new iPhone system are Volvo XC90 and Ferrari FF. When it comes to the Mercedes models that are going to include the new system, nothing has been disclosed yet. 

So, undisclosed Mercedes models, GM, Ford and Honda are also going to feature the CarPlay. These latest revelations have actually been made by Apple.

The company seems to be focusing on adding its applications to more car models and companies. 

According to Apple, the new system will make using technology simpler and safer for drivers.

The system is currently seen in certain vehicles that are presented at the auto show in Geneva. 

It surely seems that Apple has found a way to promote its products and put behind Google’s technology. Both Google and Apple showed interest in the past few months in developing applications that will allow drivers to gain more access to their smart devices while being behind the wheel, increasing safety at the same time. 

Google announced its intention to work at a product that would turn Android phones into an essential part of cars two months ago. The company said that they hoped to complete work at this system by the end of the year. 

Still, Apple was the first to have such an idea. The technology giant showed its intention to develop something on the automobile market nine months ago. Back then, Apple presented the iOS in the Car. Now, the system received its name, CarPlay, as well as many features. 

The system that Apple introduced now integrates the iPhone into the car, transferring applications such as navigation, music and much more to the car’s system. The new technology uses Siri, which allows commands by voice. Siri is the iPhone’s digital guide. The whole system is intended to be simple and highly functional. 

While Apple says that this will make driving a safer experience, it seems that not everyone agrees. Some experts actually say that it represents a source of distraction. 

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