Volvo Announces New Concept and Interface

Volvo just announced its new concept and it seems that the famous manufacturer has decided to add a tablet-like center console to its newest vehicles. 

So, Tesla is not the only automaker to make such a choice. The new concept will debut at the General Motor Show, which will take place next week. 

The design looks great, but reports reveal that Volvo may have opted for something simpler than what could be seen at the competition. Still, according to Volvo the simple design makes it easier and more comfortable to use, so this might actually be a plus for the company. 

Volvo revealed that the screen is divided into titles, with navigation, media and vehicle info up top. The device features phone and climate controls down. According to Volvo this will put typical controls where the driver needs them, making it easier and safer to use while driving. 

The company revealed that the new feature will become accessible to users on the XC90 crossover SUV, which is set to be released this fall. Volvo has always taken pride from providing some of the safest cars in the world and its recent interface promises to help that purpose. Volvo also claims that the human machine interface was actually designed to reduce visual noise. 

If Volvo has revealed something about the technology that will be featured in the upcoming release of the company, it seems that the Volvo Concept Estate has also leaked. The vehicle’s concept was leaked prior of its official release at the Geneva Motor Show. 

The Concept Estate seems to be a spectacular car, being the last of the three concept cars that the company plans on introducing soon. The XC concept, the XC90 and the Volvo Concept Estate will all be presented at the event that will soon take place in Geneva. 

Such as the other two models, the Volvo Concept Estate will also feature some new and very interesting technologies. The model has already been described as stunning and lovely, so it received great reviews. The photos that have been leaked now were the first to show how the new car will look. 

The teaser photos first became available on the website of Swedish raincoat maker, Stutterheim. However, fans of Volvo who want to discover more about the latest cars released by the company will have to wait for a few days until the vehicle maker will present them in Geneva, at the 84th International Audo Show.

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