Vizio M series (2015), an incredible 4K TV

Vizio TV is one of the most recommendable 4K TV on the market. Not just because of its higher pixel that probably makes a major difference when it comes to picture quality, but for offering great quality at an affordable price. Vizio is probably one of the best devices when it comes to high-value TVs.

This TV costs hundreds less compared with other 4K TVs, like Sony and Samsung’s products. Moreover, Vizio probably performs better than any other famous brand. Its secret doesn’t lay in the resolution, but in its technology named local dimming, which can selectively brighten and dim independent areas of the screen for better viewing and contrast.

However, compared with famous brands like Samsung and LG, Vizio also has some lacks when it comes to what it offers to its customers. For example, people will not find curved screen TVs from Vizio, or it doesn’t offer sophisticated Smart TV systems, a modern design and it doesn’t support 3D.

Moreover, users will not have the possibility to talk into the remote to search or to launch a Web browser on the screen. If any of that matters for clients, they will probably go for the LG or Samsung. However, it is important to keep in mind that the most important thing to a TV is its picture quality.

For clients who want to have the best image quality for a cheaper price, Vizio TV is probably the best product on the market. Moreover, they can enjoy an incredible 4K content, which is probably in top 3 so far in 2015. To be mentioned that this TV is available at the price of 1,498 dollars.

As for design, Vizio offers a handsome and simple style. Of course, it cannot be compared with more modern and futuristic designs from LG, Sony or Samsung, but it’s decent. Vizio comes with black and exceedingly slim bezel and silver edging. The “Vizio” logo is placed on the bezel. 

Moreover, the remote is pretty much identical with the last year’s model. The topside of the remote has a large variety of buttons which can be confusing sometimes. The flip side of the remote homes a full QWERTY keyboard, which is pretty handy when it comes to log-ins.

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