Visual Impact Muscle Building System Review

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review – What is it?

So what is Visual Impact Muscle Building?

It’s a  super laser-targeted muscle building and weight loss course to help guys get that coveted Hollywood physique look.

So if you ever wanted a physique like Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, or Daniel Craig then this is the workout for you.

But if your goal is to look like next Ronnie Coleman then this program isn’t for you .

Building an attractive body: Are you doing it wrong?

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I’m not going to get into what an attractive physique is and isn’t because obviously everyone has a different opinion but I know I’m not far off when I say the majority of guys would rather look like a male model/celebrity instead of a bodybuilder.

The Three Phases To Muscle Building [The Lean Way].

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The whole program is cut up into 3 phases.

1. Rapid Muscle Development. This phase demonstrates how you should develop muscles in the right places, without looking unsymmetrical [eg. huge chest, huge shoulders, tiny thighs- Johnny Bravo style] haha… that’s something that most of you would never want. So in this phase you will learn how to channel your muscle in the desired places with the help of workouts; in a short period of time.

2. Enhancing Muscle Definition And Strength. Of course you just don’t want air-bags or water-bags on your shoulders. You just need those strong, dense muscles that will even bend a pin which tries to puncture it. Well, that’s just exaggeration. But indeed, this phase will ensure that you build muscles that are strong, flexible and durable.

3. Getting Shredded. Although cardio might be really tiring for most of you men out there, Moore’s program requires you to do some HIIT cardio, i.e., High Intensity Interval Training. This shows you how to burn body fat while retaining muscle mass. HIIT cardio takes much lesser time than the regular cardio, but is exhausting. However, the results that you get are totally worth all this.


1. The results are effective and lasting. Although you need to put in a lot of hard-work for a less amount of time, it is totally worth it, as the results that you will get are extremely fruitful. Moreover, they just don’t fade away, they will be yours to flaunt, provided you adhere to the program.

2. You don’t end up looking bulky. Unlike other muscle building program, Visual Impact Muscle Building doesn’t just give you exercises that will puff you up. Infact, you are taught how to build muscle in the right places and look stunningly lean with that perfectly narrow waist, broad shoulders and a metallic-shield-like chest.

3. Common fads are exposed. The measures that can potentially reduce your chances of reaching your goal are discussed very precisely and Moore tells you why and how you should keep them at bay.

4. You get to choose your own exercises. Visual Impact Muscle Building doesn’t demand that you change your entire routine and follow this one. It provides you with the liberty to choose which exercise you want to do from a list of workouts.

5. The Workout Charts simplify the grasping of the entire process. You don’t have to go through the entire book all over again to find your routines. All that surfing time is saved by workout charts which you can print and paste anywhere and use as a quick reference.


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