Victoria Beckham Tries Her Hand At Car Design

Famous British designer, Victoria Beckham decided to try her hand at car design, according to a recent report published on Reuters. The wife of the soccer-superstar confessed that she thought about her husband when she planned the look of Range Rover’s special edition, the “Evoque”.

Although she is often seen on catwalks and she spends great part of her time at fashion events, Victoria Beckham showed everyone that she has an eye for designing cars, too, not just clothes. The former Spice Girls member was co-opted to design the special edition of Range Rover’s off-road vehicle. For that, she has taken David’s advices into account in order to create a manageable car for women.

The designer was in Beijing on Sunday to promote the special edition vehicle. She told reporters that she stayed true to herself because she wanted to design a car that was good enough to be driven by her and by her husband. She further described “Evoque” as being very masculine and cool. In her opinion, there will be many men that will order the car even though it is a vehicle that was purposefully designed for women.

The project was very difficult for Victoria Beckham because she has never done something similar to this before. Nevertheless, she managed to complete the work because she continued to ask herself whether she would drive the car or not. The designer confessed that this is the question that she usually uses even when she creates dresses because it enables her to understand what is best for her customers.

The mother of four admitted that she is very lucky to do the job that she loves; therefore, she spends a lot of time to prepare for a new collection. She studied various old and new vehicles, from cars to planes in order to choose the right elements for the design of “Evoque”.

The first car will be available in China starting October and it will cost 80,000 pounds ($129,000). The price of the vehicle is justified by the exclusive, hand-finished matt paint and numerous luxury accessories.

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